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On average, 1 in 3 real estate transactions are targeted by fraudsters.

Westcor agents know that title insurance isn’t boring, and neither is wire fraud. Westcor and CertifID have partnered to provide agents with the fraud protection necessary to outwit today’s threats.

From validating identities and avoiding seller impersonation to protecting payoffs and safely sending wiring instructions, Westcor agents have access to solutions that will help you operate with peace of mind.

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PayoffProtect eliminates the risk of fraud, streamlining the process across all payoffs.

Input wiring details

Your work is done, in less than 2 minutes

Input wiring details, PayoffProtect does the rest.

CertifID status

Receive valid & safe payoff instructions

CertifID status is achieved via the proprietary PayoffProtect solution.


Get $1M of insurance and peace of mind

Say goodbye to time-consuming and risky payoff verification.

Westcor Agent use case


Hear from Jackson Law about how CertifID is driving more security and peace of mind with every transaction.

Jeremiah Jackson, Attorney & Founder

Jackson Law

CertifID stops fraud

in its tracks.

Give your employees, customers, and partners peace of mind.
Verify banking information and insure every transaction so you can save time and lower risk for all transaction participants.



Validate identities and credentials for every transaction.



Receive up to $1 Million in direct insurance on every transaction.



Gain back valuable hours by eliminating callback procedures.

We proudly protect: