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Together, Stewart and CertifID have protected billions of dollars. As a Stewart agent, you have access to exclusive pricing and support to protect every client and every transaction.  

As fraud continues to grow, protecting your business and clients is more than a value proposition, it’s essential. Don’t wait for the worst to happen, get started by scheduling a demo. 

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73% of real estate firms have seen an increase in seller impersonation fraud. 

CertifID software enables you to bring more security to every transaction through identity verification. Rest assured knowing CertifID evaluates more than 150 markers of fraud risk through:

Input wiring details

Device verification checks for masked or emulated signals of fraud.

CertifID status

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensures the device is being accessed by the right user. 


Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) verifies personal and user unique information.

Stewart and CertifID:
leading the industry in wire fraud protection

Tara Smith, President of Stewart's Agency Operations, highlights the need to keep agents and customers safe from fraud and how Stewart's partnership with CertifID provides the opportunity to do so.

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