Stop Seller
Impersonation Fraud

73% of real estate firms have seen an increase in seller impersonation fraud attempts since the start of 2023.1

Protect yourself and everyone in the transaction by verifying a seller’s identity at the start of the closing process. 

By weeding out potential fraud immediately, you’ll avoid wasting time on bogus deals and reduce risk to your business. 



1CertifID survey of 97 real estate firms, May 2023.

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If you see these red flags, stop and verify seller identity immediately. 

“Seller” came in through online search or lead service, and has no previous relationship to the real estate agent.

Listing price of the property is below market value.

“Seller” quickly accepts the offer, with no negotiation and a preference for cash sales.

“Seller” requests a remote notary signing of their choosing.

How to verify seller identity using
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Listen to a recent case of how seller impersonation fraud was caught.

CertifID software enables identity verification 
and evaluates more than 150 markers of fraud risk.


Device verification checks for masked or emulated signals of fraud.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensures the device is being accessed by the right user. 


Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) verifies personal and user unique information.

CertifID also provides an additional layer of protection  that you won’t find in traditional insurance policies.


Every wire transaction verified by CertifID includes up to $1M of insurance, for added peace of mind.

What technologies can help me with identity verification?

ID validation tools

Remote notary tools

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Built for

Catching fake ID cards.

Additional level of identity verification.

Comprehensive identity verification to enable safe movement of money.

How it works

The ID card is matched against barcode encoded data and face scan. Also checks for signs of tampering of the ID card.

Includes ID card validation, plus video call to match individual with the ID card picture.

Verifies an individual’s identity through multiple levels of device verification, and multi-factor and knowledge based authentication.

Provides a secure method of sharing payment details once identity has been verified.


Does not establish identity of an individual. 

Does not provide a secure method to share payment details once an identity is verified.

Does not provide a secure method to share payment details once an identity is verified


“Most of our transactions are with remote sellers, so it’s nearly impossible for me to verify identity in person. I’ve evaluated a number of ID validation tools to solve for this problem, and none of them provided the level of security that CertifID provides.”

Christian Ross

Ross Title | Ross Law

Seller Impersonation Fraud

Know what red flags to watch for, and how to prevent potential frauds before it's too late.