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Since 2020, $446M+ has been lost to BEC. That's an increase of 72%+

Long-time partners, Investors Title Insurance Company and CertifID are focused on making the real estate closing process safer for everyone. Whether you’re validating an identity, protecting a mortgage payoff or sending wiring instructions, CertifID is here to help you protect your clients and your business. 

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73% of real estate firms have seen an increase in seller impersonation fraud. 

CertifID software enables you to bring more security to every transaction through identity verification. Rest assured knowing CertifID evaluates more than 150 markers of fraud risk through:

Input wiring details

Device verification checks for masked or emulated signals of fraud.

CertifID status

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensures the device is being accessed by the right user. 


Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) verifies personal and user unique information.

Investors Title Insurance’ Enduring Fight to Stop Fraudsters


Hear from Jon Biggs, VP, Dir of Risk Management & Education, as he shares Investors Title Insurance’ approach to fraud protection, how attorney’s can better protect themselves and where he sees fraud going in the future. “If you’re not cognizant and educated about fraud, you’ll become a victim”

CertifID stops fraud

in its tracks.

Give your employees, customers, and partners peace of mind.
Verify banking information and insure every transaction so you can save time and lower risk for all transaction participants.



Validate identities and credentials for every transaction.



Receive up to $1 Million in direct insurance on every transaction.



Gain back valuable hours by eliminating callback procedures.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our great customers say

T. Smith Law isn’t taking any risks when it comes to wire fraud protection. After a brush with fraud, they took it upon themselves to power up their protection. They’ve excelled in making CertifID a part of their operations to protect their clients, and their business

Tricia Smith

Attorney at Law at T.Smith Law Firm, P.C.

Save on your E&O Policy

If you're an Investors Title Insurance attorney or agent, using CertifID qualifies you to save up to 10% on your annual E&O Policy. Learn more.

We proudly protect:

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