To Catch a Fraudster

with Tom Cronkright

Second Wednesday of Every Month | 11am (EST)


Join us as we talk with experts who share ways to help keep you and your clients safe on your next transaction. And hear from real individuals who have experienced wire fraud and how to stop it from happening to you.

Every month we'll talk about a topic involving fraud and cover what happened, why it happened, and how it could have been prevented. 


November 10: A Builder Blunder

This month were are tackling a lesser known, but no less devastating, type of fraud as we look at a builder new construction draw that landed in the wrong account. Lindsey Guerrero, Director at Iowa Title Guaranty, will be Joining us to unpack how a $689,147.06 wire was sent to a fraudster.
Tune in to hear how the fraudster spoofed the general contractor and provided the developer with fraudulent instructions that were then passed around and relied upon to send the draw.
Best practices for educating, engaging, and protecting yourself when dealing with new home transactions will be covered in depth. We look forward to seeing you there!


October 13: Lots of Fraud! 

Hear from Casey Levrich, a home buyer in Wisconsin, who wired her cash-to-close to a fraudster. Her family gifted the proceeds to buy the lot so they could build a new home in 2025. She will share her buying journey, the impact of the wire fraud, and how he contacted CertifID to assist in the recovery of his funds. 

Best practices for educating, engaging, and protecting home buyers and their closing funds will be covered in depth.

September 8: Two for the Price of One! 

Hear from Patrick Herring, a home buyer in Madison, Alabama who wired his life savings to a fraudster impersonating his closing attorney on August 4. He will share his home buying journey, the impact of the wire fraud and how he contacted CertifID to assist in the recovery of his funds. He has a strong point of view on what needs to be done to protect home buyers from this risk.

We will also be joined by Nick Harris, owner of Concord Title in Franklin, Tennessee. Nick will share his recent wire fraud event involving a mortgage payoff scam that led to a dramatic recovery of funds involving CertifID and federal law enforcement. He will share the strategies he has implemented to reduce the risk of wire fraud going forward.

Best practices for educating, engaging, and protecting home buyers and their closing funds will be covered in depth. We will also provide updated strategies on safeguarding mortgage payoff and other disbursement wire transfers.


August 11: Understanding Ransomware

According to security experts, ransomware will cost businesses over $20 billion this year. This cybercrime leverages malicious software (malware) that prevents users from accessing their computer networks, applications, and files. They then demand a ransom payment to regain access. Depending on the sophistication of a ransomware attack, the cyber perpetrator may have access to personally identifiable information (PII) used to further leverage or obtain a ransom payment. Otherwise, the PII is released on the internet or sold on the dark web.

In light of recent and high-profile ransomware attacks that have affected the real estate industry, we are hosting a special webinar on this topic. The U.S. Secret Service is joining us to explain the evolution of ransomware, current tactics used by cyber scammers, and ways to prevent your company from being a ransomware victim.


July 14: Your email has been hacked, now what?

This month’s webinar will include special guest Crane Hassold, Sr. Director of Threat Research at Agari and former FBI analyst, who will provide a play-by-play synopsis of how fraudsters perpetrate wire fraud after compromising an email account. In addition, we will share live examples of how fraudsters mine, weaponize, and monetize personal information and data. Expect to leave this session equipped with knowledge of identifying a possible email account breach and preventing future breaches.


June 9: Funds Recovery and Impact on Buyers 

When is the best time to send your wiring instructions to a buyer? Do you wait until preliminary or final numbers are set before sharing them? How should wiring instructions be shared to comply with the standard of care? Your answer to those questions could mean the difference between a secure wire transfer or the loss of a buyer’s life savings.

Check out this quick clip (4 mins) from this episode. Watch the full episode here.

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May 12: The Radical Advancement of Fraud - A Discussion with the FBI

Join us for an in-depth discussion with a senior member of the FBI's Cyber Division who will provide insight into the size and scope of wire fraud and how cybercriminals weaponize information to steal wire transfers.  This is a rare opportunity to hear from the front lines on the fight against wire fraud so bring your teams, referral partners, and prospects to attend.  You will be able to directly ask questions that are on your mind.


March 10: Mortgage Payoffs Under Siege

A preview clip from the episode. Watch the full episode here.

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