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Welcome, SoftPro Users!

Wire fraud is a critical issue facing the title industry. CertifID's newest integration with SoftPro helps make the real estate closing process safer and faster for everyone! 


Ready to protect your business?

Complete the form below to learn how CertifID can protect wire transfers. 



Want a sneak peek?

Check out the video for an overview of the integration to learn what's possible with CertifID in SoftPro 360.


CertifID allows you to protect wire transfers 

CertifID was built by experienced title agents and fits seamlessly into your workflow to protect you from the growing risk of wire fraud.

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Validate Identity

Be certain your client's identities have not been compromised.

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Share Wiring Information

Securely share or confirm the wiring information for the transaction.

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Know You're Protected

Receive confirmation that the transaction is covered by CertifID's $1,000,000 insurance.


"We can't imagine what would have happened to these people had they not had CertifID on their team."

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See what CertifID can do for you

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to implement and use CertifID.