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Prevent mortgage payoff fraud with these tips.

Protect your business from the rising threat of mortgage payoff fraud.

Mortgage payoff fraud is the leading disbursement risk facing title and escrow companies today. With the average mortgage loan in the U.S. exceeding $200,000, mortgage payoffs are a huge target for fraudsters.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to secure the mortgage payoff process, safeguard your client’s funds, and protect your reputation.



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Gain the essential tips and insight you need on this disbursement risk.

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5 Key Steps

Discover the key steps to mitigating the risk of mortgage payoff fraud.

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Formulate a plan to prevent mortgage payoff fraud in your business.

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Get our free “Mortgage Payoff Fraud Prevention Checklist,” and take the right steps today, including:


    - Optimizing your mortgage payoff process

    - Tightening up your cybersecurity

    - Educating your team and clients to be fraud-aware

    - And more